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Parents charged with toddler's death

Courtney Mays Courtney Mays
Zekeil Trinidad Zekeil Trinidad

NORMAN, Okla._Two parents have been charged in the death of their 15-month-old child.

Courtney Mays, 22, and Zekeil Trinidad, 23, have been charged with second-degree murder and two counts of child neglect. Police say the couple left their toddler, a 4-month-old and a 4-year-old alone in a hotel room while they went to Wal-Mart for nearly two hours on August 31.

When the parents returned, they say they found their 15-month-old child unconscious and in a car seat tilted on its side. Trinidad told police the chest clip was around the child’s throat. The child was pronounced dead at Norman Regional Hospital later that day.

The parents were arrested by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office Friday afternoon.

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