LETA approves Lawton beautification projects

LETA approves Lawton beautification projects

LAWTON, Okla._The Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority has approved more than $56,000 in beautification efforts.

LETA approved three projects over the course of the next three months to replace and change out trees and flowers across Lawton. The largest of the three projects, totaling $42,500, will replace foliage by the Lawton/Fort Sill Regional Airport entrance. The project will remove dead plant material along Southwest 11th Street and the entrance to the airport. LETA contracted with Bedrock Nursery to plant more than 50 holly trees and 80 crepe myrtles. They will also plant pampas grass.

The other two projects include a $9000 annual color change on Northwest 2nd Street by the Lawton Town Center shopping district and 59 tree rings along Lee Boulevard, and a $4,500 annual color change is planned for Shepler Park, medians near 11th Street and Gore Boulevard and 11th Street and Cache Road, around McMahon Auditorium, two medians along Gore Boulevard and two medians along Sheridan Road.

Funding for the projects come from community donations and a percentage of the city's hotel/motel tax.

"These projects, especially the airport beautification efforts, are sorely needed after the drought ravaged most of the previous plantings. The airport entrance is the first look at Lawton that many people see, so it's very important we give a good first impression," said Jay Burk, LETA trustee and city councilman.

LETA is also promoting its yard of the month award and asks anyone who has a nominee to use the nomination form at keeplawtonbeautiful.com.