Moody's coworkers testify in Woodard trial

Moody's coworkers testify in Woodard trial

HOBART, Okla._Witnesses who worked with Harley Moody at an Altus radio station testified they knew about problems in his relationship with Sandra Woodard.

Sandra Woodard is on trial for first-degree murder in Moody's death. Woodard has admitted to killing moody in January 2014, but said it was an accident.

KEYB's general manager and another station employee took the stand, both saying Harley Moody was a valued employee, and say they knew both Moody and Woodard very well. They testified that Woodard would frequently call and show up at the radio station. They say Woodward would often sit in an alley near the station and wait for Moody to get off the air.

Both employees testified that one afternoon in October 2013, when Moody wasn't working, they saw a completely different side of Woodard. She convinced the front desk that she had permission to get on Moody's work computer and spent several hours checking it. Just before the office was closing, she began to ask the employees what Moody did on his computer and started accusing him of making porn videos with work equipment.

Despite their denials that he was doing that, they said Woodard kept searching the computer for proof. They ultimately called the general manager in to force her to leave, which she finally did around 9:00 p.m.

The employees testified that through the end of 2013, Moody would discuss some of the problems that he was having in the relationship. The jury also heard more technical testimony about the crime scene from OSBI agents. They testified five rounds were fired from a Smith and Wesson .380 pistol. One agent said he field tested the weapon, to prove that the trigger had to have been pulled five times for those five rounds to go off.

The medical examiner testified Moody's death was a homicide and showed the jury images of the bullet holes to Moody's body that killed him.

Testimony has concluded for the day. The prosecution is scheduled to continue presenting its case at 9:00 a.m. Thursday.