Prosecution, defense rests in Woodard trial

Prosecution, defense rests in Woodard trial

HOBART, Okla._The prosecution in the Sandra Woodard murder trial wrapped up its case Thursday with testimony from the defendant's cellmate.

The witness told the jury that Woodard said she didn't realize the gun was firing real bullets when she shot her boyfriend, Harley Moody, in January 2014.

A woman who met Sandra Woodard in the Kiowa County Jail testified that Woodard and Moody were playing a date rape game in the bathroom, both holding pistols. Woodard told her the only rule of the game was to not let go of the gun.

She said Moody had just gotten out of the shower, and was bent over near her waist, as Woodard held a gun near his neck. As Moody began to stand up, the witness said Woodard said she shot Moody twice. Once Moody was up, she saw the blood and called 911.

The prosecution also called a series of witnesses whom Woodard believed were having relationships with Moody. One told the jury that Woodard brought a loaded gun to their confrontation. A woman who dated Moody in college said Woodard contacted her through Facebook and accused her of still having a relationship with him, which she denied.

The prosecution's final witness was a blood splatter analyst. His conclusion after looking at this case is this was no accident.

The defense began its case late Thursday afternoon. They only called two witnesses before resting their case. They called an OSBI agent, who had previously interviewed two of the prosecution's witnesses, and a reserve deputy, who took pictures of bruises on Woodard after she complained of pain in her back a couple of days after being booked into the county jail for Moody's murder.

The jury received their instructions from the judge. Closing arguments are scheduled for Friday morning and then the jury will begin deliberating.