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Post traumatic stress disorder in law enforcement

LAWTON, Okla._ A crowd of spouses of members of the Lawton Police Department went to class learning about the challenges of PTSD and how to recognize it.

Lawton Police Chief James Smith headed up Thursday’s class, where spouses learned how to recognize the signs of an officer suffering from PTSD, and also how to help them cope with it and ask for help. Smith said much like soldiers in the military, officers are often exposed to repeated brutality that can often take its toll, both at work and home.

"These men and human they are not robots, they see things that people are not meant to see and they are supposed to just carry on normally throughout their shift and lives, continue to do their jobs and be a part of their families and this can affect people," said Lawton police spouse, Michelle Churchwell.

While Thursday’s class was limited to LPD spouses, Smith hopes to offer a similar class in the future that will be open to the public.

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