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Woodard found guilty of first-degree murder

HOBART, Okla._After spending less than two hours in deliberations, a Kiowa County jury found Sandra Woodard guilty of first-degree murder.

Sandra Woodard was on trial for the January 2014 shooting death of her boyfriend and Altus radio DJ, Harley Moody. Woodard had claimed the shooting was an accident, but the jury disagreed and recommended a sentence of life without of the chance of parole.

When the guilty verdict was read Friday afternoon, several of Harley Moody's family members, who've been at the trial all week, got emotional, hugging each other and shaking hands. They also showed emotion during closing arguments, reliving the terror of that terrible day, as pictures of the crime scene were shown to the jury.

The state argued there was no way this could have been an accident and said Woodard's jealous behavior lead her to killing moody. They said her explanation of an accidental shooting during a date rape sex game was inconsistent with the evidence, and called her a dangerous person who needed to be off the streets.

Defense attorney Cindy Viol argued that no one could make up such an elaborate alibi. She also asked the jury to listen to Woodard's 911 call again and hear the remorse in her voice.

In the end, the jury sided with the prosecution.

Moody's family did not want to go on camera, but they say they are happy with the verdict and glad they can now put it behind them. When we tried to ask Woodard about the verdict, we were told not to approach her.  

Prosecutors did not want to comment at this time on the verdict.

Viol says she hates that the verdict was guilty, but she never disrespects a jury's decisions. Viol described Woodard as a brave woman through this trial.

A sentencing date has been scheduled for November 4.

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