Notes left in murder-suicide

Notes left in murder-suicide

ALTUS, Okla._A murder-suicide involving an Air Force airman and his wife has left residents in disbelief.

Police were called to the Apple Creek Apartment around 5:40 p.m. Friday to check on a suicidal man. When they arrived, they found Raina Schultz, 26, dead on a bedroom floor. Authorities believe her body had been there for days.

"According to the officers on the scene, and the condition of the woman's body, she had been there a few days," said Police Chief Tim Murphy.

Altus police were then notified by authorities at Altus Air Force Base that a man had shot and killed himself. He was later identified as Airman Nicholas Schultz, 26.

Police found two notes, both believed to have been written by Nicholas Schultz. The first note was found at the couple's apartment. It explained a domestic dispute that got physical. Schultz wrote that he choked his wife and she did not regain consciousness. Schultz then apologized for what happened in a second note that was found at the scene where he shot himself.

Altus police said Schultz's father called 911 Friday requesting a welfare check. However, officers were not prepared for what they would find.

"When we got the phone call we were looking for a possible male victim. When we get to the apartment, we found out there is a female that's deceased. So, we immediately find out how to contact the male," said Murphy.

Schultz was an active duty member of the 97th Security Forces Squadron. Officers were on the phone with AAFB officials when they learned Schultz killed himself.

"You don't think that that can happen here in Altus. You don't think that can happen in your community, period. The fact is, it does, and it's just a tragedy for everybody involved," said Murphy.

Murphy said the couple had a toddler, who was home, unharmed, when police arrived.

"For the one-year-old child that was taken out of the apartment, now that both of the parents are gone that child will never know her parents. It's just a tragedy all the way around," said Murphy.

The child is currently in custody of the Department of Human Services.

Murphy said the investigation into the incident will likely continue for several weeks.