Volunteers needed for "Team Up to Clean Up"

Volunteers needed for "Team Up to Clean Up"

DUNCAN, Okla._Main Street Duncan needs your help sprucing up some of the city's historical buildings downtown.

The "Team Up to Clean Up" effort started last year. A team of 100 volunteers helped to cut grass and sweep streets in an effort to prepare the city for annual events.

This year, volunteers will tackle a wall outside the Boom-a-rang Diner and Moore Massage Parlor that they hope will bring interest to the city.

Destiny Ahlfenger, Main Street Duncan's Executive Director, said a local artist is preparing to paint a mural on the wall. She said it will give the community a sense of pride, while also helping to keep the city's history alive.

"If we can help out downtown with the paint, by adding more murals, we will just continue to make this a place of attraction and people will want to come to downtown," said Ahlfenger.

She said it's the people who help local businesses thrive. Ahlfenger said oftentimes mom-and-pop stores operate on a limited budget, with each helping hand making the difference. She said that's why "Team Up to Clean Up" is so important.

"Just a few volunteers, in just a few hours can make a huge impact on areas that just need a little help. If you want to continue to see downtown Duncan grow, and become a place where we can enjoy ourselves on a date night with our family's, our friends, bringing in out-of-towners help them come home by coming to Duncan," said Ahlfenger.

Ahlfenger said keeping downtown Duncan beautiful is something she holds close to her heart.

"I spent so much time here as a kid, I think a lot of us become nostalgic about our downtown area, so I'm happy to help and to be here to help our downtown grow," said Ahlfenger.

She said the memories of places like the Palace Theatre, among many, is something she wants to see last for generations.

"I want it to be a place where i can bring my children, and then my children will want to bring their family one day," said Ahlfenger.

The paint and supplies for Tuesday's project have already been donated. Ahlfenger said everyone is welcome to help, the more volunteers the merrier.

The "Team Up to Cleanup" effort will take place Tuesday, September 29th. Volunteers are asked to show up in paint clothes and will meet at the Main Street Duncan office located at 828-B West Main Street at 6:00 pm.