CORRECTION: Davis charged as youthful offender

CORRECTION: Davis charged as youthful offender

LAWTON, Okla._In a story Tuesday about a MacArthur High School football player being charged in a home invasion, we erroneously reported that he was charged as an adult.

Bivin Davis, 17, is actually charged as a youthful offender.  Davis pleaded guilty Tuesday to four charges including armed robbery and burglary. That makes him subject to a potentially harsher sentence than if he were charged as a juvenile, but not as harshly as an adult.

In youthful offender cases, the defendant serves the first part of the sentence under the supervision of the Juvenile Affairs Office until the age of 18 years, five months.

If the OJA determines the defendant has met the terms of his confinement, the rest of the sentence is dismissed. The state does have the right to ask for him to be "bridged over" to the adult system, however, if there is cause to do so.

In the Davis case, the prosecution has filed a motion asking the judge to sentence Davis as an adult. The judge will announce the sentence next Tuesday.

The Oklahoman is reporting that the attorney representing Lawton Public Schools said Davis was removed from the team, following his guilty plea.