No. 4 Tipton, No. 5 Grandfield ready for C-2 clash

No. 4 Tipton, No. 5 Grandfield ready for C-2 clash

When you look at Grandfield and Tipton on paper, statistics may not stand out, but instead, experience. Both teams recognize that their match-up with one another will contain a bevy of players that have played or started for three and four years.

"They've got guys that have played a whole lot of football games. They've got quite a few four year starters. Quite a few three year starters. They were a semi-final team last year. Played a really good Cherokee team pretty tough," said Tipton Coach Travis White.

"They're a top notch program. They've got good coaches over there and those coaches do a good job with the players they have," Grandfield Coach William Dickey said.

Tipton has pulled off two straight wins following their Week One loss to Fox. Those wins have shown Coach White that his team can easily bounce back.

"To have such a prideful program like we do, the boys came back with great attitudes. They just want to work every day. They want to learn. You know, the energy has been good. The enthusiasm has been good," White said.

For Coach Dickey, he has seen plenty of growth in his team over the past year, and he attributes their game with Tipton a season ago as a key learning experience for his team.

"They taught us last year how you prepare for a big game and how you play in a playoff atmosphere with the group that they had last year. And I'm hoping that's carried over," Dickey said.

Grandfield understands that in order to slow down Tipton, it begins with Terrence Rushing.

"Last week had over 200-something yards rushing against Corn Bible," Dickey said. "You know, the thing is, we can't take our eye off of him, nor can we take our eye off any of them."

To try and counteract the Tigers' pace, the Bearcats will rely on their own dose of speed.

"We've got pretty decent team speed, too. And the thing is, having some veterans. But like I said, that right there goes out the window when we're playing them," Dickey said.

"I feel like we match up pretty well. They've got speed, we've got speed. They've got some size, we've got some size," said Grandfield senior Garrison Brown. "We know what they're going to be running. They've been running it for three years on us now. Coach has us prepared well."

Tipton recognizes that the pure athleticism of Grandfield is something that could give them issues.

"They've got some really good athletes. It's not just in the backfield. Their tight ends are really good athletes. They just kind of stretch you everywhere. I mean, they can throw the ball. They get athletes in space really well. And they put a whole lot of pressure on you defensively," White said.

"We've been watching film a lot and we've been going over their playbook and stuff getting ready for what they've got going for us. I think we're going to match up pretty good," said Tipton senior Cameron Hernandez.

Coach White simply looks toward his own players experience and ability to counter the Bearcats' attack.

"We got a few good players ourselves. I hope that we can at least stalemate them on the line of scrimmage and maybe be able to get a few plays off on them and hopefully kind of contain them on defense," he said.

Kick-off for Friday's showdown is set for 7:30pm in Grandfield.