Sheriff says missing girl is back home

Sheriff says missing girl is back home

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._A teenage girl from Comanche County, who was reported as missing and endangered overnight, was found safe this afternoon in Lawton.

The grandfather of Tessa Styron, 13, called 911 around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday. He said she did not return from a bike ride near their home in Wichita Mountains Estates.

While searching for her, the family found her bike in a ditch. Then a worker at a nearby restaurant said he saw her get into a dark colored SUV. That prompted a larger search.

As it turns out, the girl had called a friend's mother to pick her up to stay the night. She said she had permission to leave. Authorities found her at that house this afternoon.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley said anytime a loved can be brought home, no matter the circumstance, it is never any trouble.  He said each case of a missing juvenile or a runaway, is taken seriously and handled with everyone on board to find them.

"Children are our precious gifts from the good Lord, so it's hard to not try to find them," said Stradley.

He said he never knows what each day is going to bring but his department is always prepared.

"Each deal is different, sometimes we wonder about all this work and all these hours, but we win at the end. We're not going to worry about the hours or all the man power we used on this," said Stradley.

He said in there is so much unknown in today's world. He said kids don't always see the dangers they could face.

"Once they step out in that world, there's a lot of mean people that will do bad things to them and hurt them, or make them do bad things, or take their life," said Stradley.

He said thankfully, today's events ended on a positive note, making his job all worthwhile.

"I've been doing this for 38 years, I've seen a lot of tragic ends with young kids, older people, and for this to be a good one, to get her back home where she needs to be, it's a winning feeling for all of us, we are just grateful, thank the lord and thanks to the people that helped us," said Stradley.

Stradley said the teenager has been returned back to her grandparents.