LPS Superintendent addresses probationary status

LAWTON, Okla._The Superintendent of Lawton Public Schools addressed concerns Thursday over the district's probationary status under the 'No Child Left Behind Act'.

LPS is one of the nearly 400 school districts in Oklahoma on that list. Superintendent Tom Deighan said they were placed on probation because the testing standards don't take special education students into account.

Under current state regulations, an 8th-grade student, who is at evaluated at a 3rd-grade learning level, is still required to test at the same level as an 8th-grade honors student. Deighan said ultimately, the probation reflects more on the testing laws than the students' academic ability.

"They're working the hardest, our teachers are working the hardest, with them, and again: I'm proud of these students. If the whole district has to take a probationary status because of the one percent of our students working their tails off, then I'm glad to have it," said Deighan.

Although LPS may be in the academic hot seat, Deighan assures that the district is serving its students well, with ACT scores and graduation rates above the state standard.