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Comanche County Sheriff deputies to receive body cams

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._Comanche County Sheriff deputies will soon be equipped with body cameras.

In two weeks, 20 deputies will be wearing body cameras everywhere they go. Sheriff Kenny Stradley said the cameras will help keep the deputies and public safe.

“If I have an officer that is rude to you or done something he shouldn't do and it’s on here then I will deal with him. But on the other hand if you say he's done something and he didn’t because it tells one way or another, we are also going to be dealing with that,” said Stradley.

Lieutenant Ronnie Smith will be in charge of organizing the footage as evidence. He said the cameras are a great tool for the force.

"He said I grabbed you, I choked you, and I hit you. I got this camera on all the time because they can’t change the camera. We downloaded it, the sheriff looks at it and he knows what happens," said Smith.

The body cameras are equipped to take pictures and video. They also have night vision. Stradley said the cameras will always be rolling.

“Whether it’s a traffic stop, domestic, whatever, anytime I’m doing anything with the public this needs to be on," said Stradley.

The deputies will be required to sit in a day-long class to learn how to operate the body cameras before they are issued.

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