Deputy's SUV flips in vehicle collision

Deputy's SUV flips in vehicle collision

DUNCAN, Okla._The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating a two-vehicle crash Monday that left a Stephens County deputy's SUV on its top.

The collision happened just after 1:00 p.m. on Highway 81 and Osage Road. The deputy's SUV was heading south on Highway 81 and a woman driving the other car was headed east on Osage Road. Right now, officials aren't sure what caused the two vehicles to collide. There is no stoplight at the intersection of Highway 81 and Osage Road, but there is a stop sign for Osage Road traffic crossing Highway 81.

Fortunately, both of the drivers only suffered minor injuries and will be okay. But when Sheriff Wayne McKinney pulled up to the scene, just moments after the crash, he wasn't so positive about the outcome.

The deputy's patrol unit was flipped upside down and the other car was mangled in the crash. Sheriff McKinney says from his firsthand look, he was nervous.

"The worst went through our minds that were going to have a seriously injured deputy and possibly another person from another vehicle seriously injured," Sheriff McKinney said.

He soon realized they were both okay, and then was proud to find out that his deputy was not concerned about his own well-being. Shortly after the crash, the deputy managed to get out of his vehicle and tried to assist the other driver.

"And he couldn't make it, he took a couple of steps from the vehicle and some other people caught him before he fell. His main concern was about them," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney says that's the type of behavior that the majority of law enforcement officers display every day.

"It makes me feel good about my deputies, but there are officers all over the country that would do this. It's what law enforcement officers are made up of, we worry about the citizens more than we worry about ourselves," Sheriff McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney says the SUV is totaled. He says the weapons in the cruiser were secured, so they appear to be undamaged. However, electrical equipment, such as the deputy's radio, will have to be replaced.