High school football player sentenced in string of charges

High school football player sentenced in string of charges

LAWTON, Okla._ Former MacArthur football player Bivin Davis was sentenced Tuesday as a juvenile offender for his role in an armed robbery last year.

Davis had pleaded guilty last week to charges of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and burglary in connection to a home invasion. He was dismissed from the team following his guilty plea. The judge sentenced Davis to 20 years confinement for the robbery and burglary charge, and 10 years for the conspiracy count, all to be served concurrently.

However, as a juvenile offender under the age of 18, he will serve his time under the supervision of the Office of Juvenile Affairs. Davis will return to court in January for a review hearing when he turns 18, and will then be returned to the OJA for another five months. If he has successfully completed their rehabilitation program at that point, Davis will be freed and the charges will be dismissed, allowing him to return to school for his senior year. If he has not, the state can request that Davis serve the balance of his sentence in an adult prison.

In the months leading up to Tuesday's sentencing, several people close to Davis showed their support for the teen, writing letters to the judge in hopes of a lighter sentence.

MacArthur High School assistant principal Angela Cordes wrote:

"Childhood and adolescence are about learning from one's mistakes, and BJ is proving daily that he has learned his lesson in that regard."

In a letter from Brett Manning, MacArthur High's head football coach:

"I know that B.J. has made some big mistakes. He knows the magnitude of those mistakes. He also realizes that he is fortunate to have the possibility of a second chance. I can't help him if I don't have him on my team and at MacArthur High School. I truly believe that my coaches and I can have a very positive influence in B.J.'s life and can help him become a productive citizen. But he has to be with us, living in his mother's home, for that to happen."