Church looks for new location after fire

Church looks for new location after fire

DUNCAN, Okla._A small church in Duncan is now faced with finding a new place to worship after a fire damaged their building early Wednesday morning.

Fire crews were called out to a business complex off Highway 81 and Camelback Road. Crews determined the fire started in a storage room at the back of the Life Changing Christian Ministries. Two adjoining businesses sustained smoke damage. Crews were on the scene for about four hours while investigating the cause of the fire. Fire officials believe an electrical problem is to blame.

For the most part, Pastor William White is being very positive and looking forward to the future. However, he says the congregation has emotional ties to the church.

"It's where we fellowship, where people came to Lord, got baptized at, families, children had their children's church in there," Pastor White said.

Pastor White says even though the fire will force them to move, he was grateful the damage was not worse.

"Thankful that no one was hurt first and foremost. Most of the property, the overwhelming majority of the property, was not damaged," Pastor White said.

For the last five years, they've been inside the building, which he says can all be replaced. Pastor White says his faith is high when it comes to finding a new place to worship.

"God is faithful and he will find us a place where we can grow, serve the community and glorify the Lord just like we always have," Pastor White said.

Pastor White is also learning from this tragedy. He hopes other pastors see the example of his faith, and prays they can be as positive as him when faced with tragedy.

"You learn to trust the Lord, and be thankful for whatever situation you're in," Pastor White explained.

Pastor White says the biggest challenge he now faces is finding a permanent place to worship. In the meantime, Wednesday night's services have been canceled. Pastor White and his wife are working to find a temporary location for Sunday services.

Along with the damage done to the church, the two businesses on each side of the church, a convenience store and a paint store, sustained smoke damage. The convenience store was closed Wednesday while they cleaned. They hope to reopen Thursday morning.