Runners get motivated at pasta dinner

Runners get motivated at pasta dinner

LAWTON, Okla._ Runners are getting pumped up for Sunday's Spirit of Survival race, and a special guest spoke Saturday night at the pasta dinner to get participants fired up for that early morning starting line.

Bart Yasso is the Chief Running Officer for "Runner's World" magazine. His hope is to get participants ready for the starting line, happy and more importantly, in the right state of mind.

Yasso said the sport is not just about the people who win the race, but more so about stories of the runners in the back of the pack who have often overcome major challenges, like cancer.

"Running isn't about how far you run but how much you've overcome just to start the race. The finish line is the celebration and the beauty of it all but getting to the starting line is the most important," Yasso said.

Yasso calls his presentation "Never Limit Where Running Could Take You". He has lived by that phrase and has run all over the world, including the base of Mount Everest and Antarctica.

Yasso was also in Lawton for the Spirit of Survival back in 2009, and will be at the start and finish line Sunday.