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Veterans visit "Spirit of Freedom"

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla._It was a big weekend for some veterans in Oklahoma. They got to see one of the few remaining C-54E "Spirit of Freedom" aircrafts used to save millions of lives in World War II

The "Spirit of Freedom" came to Oklahoma City last week on the anniversary of the last airlift flight made to Berlin. The veterans who flew the plane and their family members came for the reunion.

In 1948, West Berliners received more than 4,500 tons of food and coal a day from the Berlin Airlift program. The program involved 117,000 men at the time, and now 29 members gathered to remembers a piece of history.

The aircraft was flown into Sundance Airport in Yukon, Oklahoma, by the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation in New Jersey. The veterans had dinner and a reception at the airport right next to the plane. The owner of that airport says it is the least he could do for these brave veterans.

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