Fire department raises money delivering pizzas

COMANCHE, Okla._Many southern Stephens County residents got a bonus with their pizza delivery Monday night.

To kick off Fire Prevention Week, a pizza place in the town of Comanche sponsored the volunteer fire department's Pizza and Prevention fundraiser. The firefighters spent the evening delivering pizzas while checking and replacing customers' smoke detectors.

For a department made up of mostly volunteer firefighters, the support from the community is crucial. Fifty percent of the proceeds from Monday night's pizza sales were donated to the fire department and many customers were tipping a little extra. Calls were coming in by the dozens, and hot pizzas were made as fast as dough could be rolled to bring the community and the fire department together.

"We depend on them for our safety in the community and I think it's important for all of us to support our local fire firefighters, and our policeman and all of our public servants," Terry Davidson said.

But the fire fighters weren't just delivering hot pizzas.

"That's something that need to be checked at least once a year if not more than that," volunteer firefighter Justin Harkins said.

"[Our smoke detector] was working and we made a donation, and we're happy to support them," Davidson said.

Many of Monday's customers donated what they could to their special delivery men.

"They're tipping better than my regular drivers make. Last year we had a guy give them a $100 check," Dennis McQuinn, general manager, said.

The money raised will help the department better fight fires, and show the department the community appreciates all that they do.

"Being from a small town, living in this town my whole life, it really helps to show that you have some backing. Helps you do your job."

The fundraiser wrapped up about 9:00 p.m. and the department raised more than $800 to buy new equipment.

"From bunker gear to, hand tools we might use on our fire trucks," Harkins said.

Residents in Lawton will also have the opportunity to have their smoke detectors checked. With help from the Red Cross and the Lawton Fire Department, families in 100 homes that don't have a smoke detector, or have one that doesn't work, have the chance to have those replaced.

To register you can call (580) 353-2676, or send an email with your names, address and contact information to

On October 17, the Lawton Fire Department will begin making house calls to replace the smoke detectors in the chosen 100 homes.