Wanted for child endangerment: Police search for mother

DUNCAN, Okla._A woman is wanted by Duncan police on charges of child endangerment after authorities say she knew a child was sexually assaulted and failed to report it.

A court affidavit says the child told 36-year-old Jamie Blackwell that she had been sexually assaulted by a man. Blackwell reportedly told the man to leave, but later allowed him to have contact with the child.

Police learned of the assault after child abuse charges were filed against Blackwell's boyfriend, Alfonso Valdez, in August. Valdez is accused of spanking two young children hard enough to leave extensive bruises on their backsides down to their legs.

Authorities say Blackwell never reported any physical or sexual abuse.

The affidavit says child welfare investigators had at least 10 referrals concerning the family since 2010, and four within the last year.