Fundraiser held for boy, 2, healing from dog bite

Fundraiser held for boy, 2, healing from dog bite

CACHE, Okla._A little boy is back home in Cache nearly two weeks after he was bitten in the face by a dog.

Blaine Neugebauer was playing in the yard under his aunt's supervision September 23 when a stray dog pounced, severely injuring him. Now, the family is trying everything they can to bring back a feeling of normalcy.

Blaine is doing alright and has gotten back to playing with his favorite truck and watching some of his favorite movies. He is no longer on strong medications. Instead, his family is focused on making sure his scars heal as best they can, while also getting help from the community tackling some of the medical expenses.

"It was terrifying. I couldn't bear looking at a 2-year-old with his cheek hanging off like that. It hurt us both pretty bad," said Cole Neugebauer, Blaine's father.

Neugebauer says he remembers hearing about the incident as if it were yesterday. He was working when he got a call saying his son was being taken to the hospital and eventually flown to OU Medical Center. Now that his fear is somewhat over, the aftermath of the accident is becoming all too real.

"Well, I got the bill for the helicopter the other day, so that's pretty scary. We'll just get through it, it's all we can do," Neugebauer said.

But his family is trying to ease that pain as much as possible by hosting a fundraiser and poker run to raise money for some of the Neugebauer's hiking medical expenses. A local band, with relation to the Neugebauer family, called Cole's mom about the idea of hosting a fundraiser. From there it caught a full head of steam and businesses started participating by donating raffle prizes.

Cole says the outpouring of support means an unexplainable amount to the family.

"It's unbelievable how many people are helping us. The first day they set up an account for us. I've never been through this stuff before. It shows how good people are around here," Neugebauer said.

The fundraiser will be held on October 18 at the Guitar Bar, which is located at 1816 SW 11th St. in Lawton. Some of the raffle items include gym memberships, martial arts lessons and meals at local restaurants.

The family is hoping some of the money can also go toward a possible surgery that would make the scars on Blaine's face less visible.