Police get drugs off the street to keep Lawton kids safe

Police get drugs off the street to keep Lawton kids safe

LAWTON, Okla._A man is behind bars following a drug arrest in Lawton Tuesday evening and Lawton police say every arrest pays off.

Detectives said they confronted the suspected dealer near Northwest 2nd Street and Dearborn Avenue. As they approached, he took off running, but didn't get far before officers caught him. They say he had a sizable amount of meth and will be charged with drug trafficking.

This arrest follows a large marijuana bust on the Lawton's south west side Monday afternoon, where several pounds of marijuana and a number of weapons were taken as evidence; and while the two cases aren't necessarily connected, Lieutenant John Mull said anytime they are able to take a large amount of drugs off the streets it pays off tenfold.

Lieutenant John Mull is the head of the Special Operations Division at the Lawton Police Department, and he said drugs are not a victim-less crime.

"All you have to do is go into some of these homes, and these parents, the only thing they care about is their next hit, their next drug, they don't care about their children," he said.

That's why his detectives are constantly following leads to pull more drugs off the streets.

"Anytime we can take a large amount of narcotics off the streets, it's great for the community, it's great for us. And we need the community's support. A lot of the things that we get done are from tips and information that we get from citizens, from the neighborhoods."

In recent years, Lieutenant Mull said they've started seeing a shift in where the supply of marijuana is coming from. They are no longer seeing as much pot coming from Mexico, but instead more has been coming from states like Colorado.

"The style that is coming out of the states where it's legalized are mostly hydroponic marijuana," he said.

Which has changed the way officers and detectives are able to track the drug.

"You can really tell when it's hydroponic because it's got a strong, pungent odor that you can actually smell. I mean you can notice the smell a long distance away."

And he said while it may be legal to purchase in other states, it's not legal here in Oklahoma; and those who think they're immune to the law are wrong.

"Their full-time job is to investigate, arrest and seek the prosecution of narcotic offenders," Lieutenant Mull said.

The division makes arrests daily, some smaller than others, but Mull said each one takes another drug offender off the streets.