4 more police officers needed in Duncan

4 more police officers needed in Duncan

LAWTON, Okla._The Duncan Police Department is working to fill four vacancies to get the department fully staffed.

Right now, the department has 39 officers patrolling the streets of Duncan, but they need 46 to be at full capacity. Lieutenant Bart Riley says being short seven officers is forcing some officers to work on their days off to keep Duncan safe.

Lieutenant Bart Riley says he's been spreading the word and the department has even created a video showing some of what the department does in hopes of getting men and women to suit up in black and blue.

The video the Duncan Police Department has on their website is just one way they're trying to recruit more police officers. Finding those to suit up and putting on a badge is a hard job for Lt. Riley.

"The challenge now of finding officers is getting someone to apply. This is a job that the person has to really want to do the job. It's not something just anybody can do," Lt. Riley said.

Lieutenant Riley says the department has been short on police officers for two years. He's says he's gone to three or four job fairs recently and people say they would like to do the job, but not with the way society views them.

That puts Lt. Riley in a tricky spot. In order to make sure each shift is fully staffed, the officers on staff work overtime.

"They get tired, but they do it. If you get called in on your day off, you think 'oh man, I have to go in again.' But it's what we signed up to do, and they do it daily," Lt. Riley said.

Lieutenant Riley says having more officers will only mean one thing for the town he calls home.

"The more people we have, the safer it is for ourselves and the safer it is for our town," Lt. Riley said.

Keeping the town safe is the goal for the Duncan Police Department, and there's something else Lt. Riley wants future Duncan police officers to know about the city.

"I'd tell them it's a great place to live and a great place to work. We take care of our people, we have a good backing from our community and you want to work for a place like that. You want strength behind you, and our community is a strength," Lt. Riley said.

Lieutenant Riley says in a perfect world, he'd like to have vacancies filled tomorrow. In reality, he says he plans on the positions being filled by October 1, 2016.

Anyone who's interested in working for the Duncan Police Department can contact Lt. Riley at the Duncan Police Department at 580-255-2112 or online.