Comanche County Humane Society rescues 25 pets

Comanche County Humane Society rescues 25 pets

LAWTON, Okla._Dozens of Lawton's homeless cats and dogs are one step closer to finding a fur-ever home after a major rescue effort by the Comanche County Humane Society.

In a surprise visit Wednesday to the Lawton Animal Welfare office, six people with the society were able to temporarily remove and foster 19 cats and six dogs, guaranteeing the animals won't be put down while waiting for adoption. This is all a part of a newly reestablished partnership between Lawton Animal Welfare and no-kill animal rescues.

Lawton Animal Welfare says over the last eight months since this partnership was renewed, hundreds of animals have been saved from being euthanized. Simply put, it's the difference between life and death and these animals.

Comanche County Humane Society member Sandra Copley was one of those at Lawton Animal Welfare Wednesday who volunteered to bring home two young kittens.

"It could almost make me cry because it is just what we have needed for so long. To teach people they are not disposable and that we can save them if we try together," Copley said.

Copley says making room for the animals in her home isn't always easy, especially since she already has pets of her own. However, she's always willing to make space for animals in need.

"Sometimes it is really difficult having these kittens. I have to separate them. I have to give them medicine; often times they are sick," Copley explained.

Eight months ago, rescue organizations were not allowed to take animals from Lawton Animal Welfare and foster them. The turnaround is something Copley says can be life-changing to the animal, even increasing in chances of being adopted.

"My favorite part is when I take a kitten that has a lot of fear or is almost feral, and then one day something in them clicks and they trust you and they are just a whole new cat," Copley said.

Lawton Animal Welfare wants to remind people that these fosters are only temporary and that these animals are still looking for forever families.

Lawton Animal Welfare wants people to know that even if you don't have room to take in these animals permanently, they are always looking for people to foster them.

Next week, the Comanche County Humane Society is hosting its semi-annual garage sale. The sale runs from Thursday until Saturday at St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Southwest 14th Street and 'D' Avenue.