Frontier Army Days brings history to life

Frontier Army Days brings history to life

Fort Sill, Okla._More than 1,000 students took a trip back in time for the 7th annual Army Frontier Days at Fort Sill.

The students learned what life was like on post during the late 1800's. They heard stories from historians and actors, who played the roles of soldiers, teachers and doctors. The students were even able to see what instruments were used to perform surgery in 1869.

Frank Siltman, the Director of Museums and Military History, said these moments are what make today so special.

"Some of us refer to it as the 'aha' moment when you're telling them something and they're like, "ah," and you're like, 'yes I got through,'" said Siltman.

In each station, the children were taught something different. At one station, they found Jimmy Johnston playing the role of First Sergeant.

"What we are teaching them today or trying to teach them today and show them is what cavalry troopers wore, what the horse had on them, and what weapons they used," said Johnston.

The students also learned what it was like to wash clothes by hand and what their teacher may have looked like.

"Kids can read something in a book and they can have someone tell them something but when you come out here and you stand on the quadrangle and there's a guy on a horse holding a saber, I'm sure years from now that's something you're going to remember," said Siltman.

Volunteer Todd Reifschenider said creating lasting memories is why the community has pulled together to put this event on each year.

"If you don't know where you've been, then you don't know where to go, and so we are teaching history of where we've been as a country and as a military so they know where to go from here," said Reifschenider

Frontier Army Days will be open to the public Saturday, October 10th from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Visitors will need to drop by the Visitor's Center to obtain a pass.