Velma-Alma students given lesson in fire safety

Velma-Alma students given lesson in fire safety

VELMA, Okla._Students at Velma-Alma Elementary were given lessons on fire safety as part of fire prevention week.

Firefighters showed the children what to do if they were ever faced with a fire. After a brief lesson and questions from the children, the department put together a display with painted flames in the windows that the children were able to knock out with a fire extinguisher.

5th grader Bryan Ely soaked up all he could while getting life-saving tips.

"If there's a fire, feel the door, if it's hot don't use it. If you're in your room, go out of a window or something," said Ely.

Captain Monte Tadlock said each year during fire prevention week, the Velma Volunteer Fire Department organizes some type of event to help educate young children on fire safety and prevention.

"We've never allowed the kids to play with the fire extinguishers and we are out there with them getting them involved, and it's good fun," said Tadlock.

Fourth grader Lexi Williams said she likes the fact that crews make the event fun.

"I think it's really cool they come out every year and let us do something fun," said Williams.

Captain Tadlock said he enjoys being able to talk to the children. He said the impact it leaves on them makes the event worthwhile.

"A few years ago we had a young man who was a third grader I believe, he was with his mom and dad in the house and it caught fire, and he called 911," said Tadlock.

Ely said he isn't so sure he wants to become a firefighter, but he had a message for those who do the job daily.

"I'd say thank you for protecting us from the fires and all of that," said Ely.