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Oklahoma State switch to JW Walsh proves clutch in win over WVU

Oklahoma State is making stressful finishes a habit. Saturday they defeated West Virginia 33-26 in overtime. The Cowboys never had firm control of the momentum, but one bright side to the evening was the play of quarterback JW Walsh. The senior threw for a score as well as ran in the go-ahead touchdown in overtime to seal the win. Head Coach Mike Gundy says he knew a change to Walsh could come in handy one day.

 "We werent' as effective as we needed to be rushing the football when Mason was in there. And obviously Mason is not the same run threat . It's very similar to what they were doing with number three. He can pull it and keep the ball so someone has to be accountable for him. And when JW is in the game, I would think they would have to be aware of where he is on the field because he can keep the ball,” said Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy. “So we needed a change. We needed a little different style and he was able to come in and give us something. We mentioned in preseason camp that there would be a time that we would need him as a change-up, you know. And it worked out well for us tonight."

Walsh credits his offensive line, which some have said are not performing to expectations.

"You know, we've got great leadership down there and we got guys that want to fight and want to win. And so, when you have guys that want to fight, want to play for you, want to just get in a dogfight for you...as a quarterback you feel pretty comfortable out there. You know, we really love those guys," said OSU Senior Quarterback JW Walsh.

Oklahoma State now prepares for a much needed bye week following three straight weeks of last second wins.

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