Professor explains sociological roots of ISIS

Professor explains sociological roots of ISIS

LAWTON, Okla._ Understanding the sociological roots of ISIS is an essential step to making progress in the fight against the terror group.

That was the focus of a presentation tonight at Cameron University. Doctor Mahmoud Sadri grew up in Iran, and earned college degrees there, before coming to America, where he has taught the sociology of the Middle East here in the United States for 23 years.

Doctor Sadri said the rise of ISIS can be tracked to a number of internal and external factors.

"Extremism is a kind of a spark that can be generated in any world religion, but where you have a society in crisis, there is also a tinderbox, that leads to a conflagration," Sadri said.

Doctor Sadri said that's the situation now in Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan, which have all dealt with internal strife, combined with the intervention of other countries.