Cyril outlasts Maysville 78-72 in incredible 7OT's

Cyril outlasts Maysville 78-72 in incredible 7OT's

In what has to be considered the wildest game of 2015, Cyril outlasted Maysville 78-72 in seven overtimes on Thursday night. It was the Pirates' 5th win of the season, and one the program can build on under new head coach Trevor Knight.
"We're mostly a young team so I think it was huge. They were all excited and still playing hard. I only play about nine guys on offense and defense. And they were done at the end. I'm talking they gave everything they had last night and I mean I think it was a big, emotional victory for them," Knight said.

"I think it gives them that belief that we can be a really good football team. I mean last year they put it on us pretty bad. Being able to go to their place and pull out a victory like that, I think it says a lot about their character and their heart and they should have a lot of self-belief in themselves."

The winning score came courtesy of sophomore quarterback Joshua Garza on the very same play call that resulted in disaster earlier in the game.

"Well it's kind of funny, in the 4th overtime, we ran the exact same play and we were about to seal it up then and he fumbled across the goal line because a helmet hit him and we were really nervous about dialing it up again," Knight said.

"I talked to him and I said, can you get in to the end zone? He told me he could. So I believed him and it worked out. He got to the edge and got in the end zone. It was awesome."

Cyril is now 4-2 in district play, good enough for 4th place in Class B district two. They'll head to unbeaten Geary in week 8.