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Lawton councilman plans to run for Oklahoma House of Representatives

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton councilman is stepping up to run for a seat in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives.

"There's a lot of important things we need to be doing in the state of Oklahoma," Ward 2 Councilman Keith Jackson said.

Jackson says he plans to run for Ann Coody's District 64 house seat. If elected, Jackson says he plans to tackle education funding and the severe teacher shortage. Jackson says his experience on the Lawton City Council makes him especially qualified to represent Lawton and the greater area of Southwest Oklahoma.

"This is something I’ve grown up educating myself about and learning about," Jackson said. "I’m not coming in cold, I’m coming in very well prepared for the campaign as well as for, hopefully, when we get elected we can hit the ground running immediately.”

Though Jackson can't file for the House of Representatives seat until April, he says he's officially in the race and plans to get his message out as soon as possible.

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