LPS urges parents to complete, return Impact Aid cards

LPS urges parents to complete, return Impact Aid cards

LAWTON, Okla._Officials from Lawton Public Schools and Fort Sill are urging parents and students to turn in their Impact Aid cards.

"This Impact card puts money back into our schools, which allows us to have a quality education for our kids, despite the cuts that are going on," Col. Glenn Waters explained.

You might have seen these cards come home with your student after school, and they're vitally important for LPS funding. Impact Aid allows funding for school districts that would lose property taxes because of military or tribal land in their borders. Having more Impact Aid cards returned means a greater chance for funding.

Blake Thomas, Central Middle School's principal, stresses that every card counts.

"Every single card will count and help us toward our goal of increasing our funds, and every little bit counts," Thomas said.

If your student has lost their card, you can contact your school to get a replacement. LPS Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan says the district gets anywhere from $4.5 to $5 million in Impact Aid.