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Halliburton reduces global size, layoffs hit Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla._Layoffs have hit Halliburton in Duncan.

There's been nothing official from the company, but workers at the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission in Duncan said 30 Halliburton employees came in Thursday to file for benefits after they were let go. Chris Moore, with the unemployment office in Duncan, says most of the workers who came in were material workers.

Halliburton is known to give severance pay, but it was not confirmed if the workers affected will be receiving that. A source within the company said there could ultimately be as many as 140 people laid off in Duncan.

When asked for a statement, Halliburton said the following:

"We're unable to confirm local or regional information. Halliburton has reduced its global headcount by 18,000 employees (approximately 21 percent) since its peak in 2014."

Lyle Roggow, Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation president, says if oil prices stay the same or drop, it is likely that these layoffs will become a trend, not only in Duncan, but all across the state.

“The Oklahoma economy has a major dependence on all sectors related to energy. When the price of oil dips to a low point, these businesses must adjust their model to accommodate the decline in revenue. Duncan is a community that is heavily dependent on manufacturing oilfield equipment used by our major employer, Halliburton. When they are forced to make layoffs, it negatively impacts the entire community. Over the many years, Duncan citizens have experienced the highs and lows in the energy market. It is our goal to diversify the Duncan economy. Our thoughts and prayers are with those citizens impacted,” Roggow said in a statement.

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