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Fletcher firefighter loses home, pets in fire

FLETCHER, Okla._A volunteer firefighter in Comanche County is now facing his own tragedy after a fire Thursday left him, and his wife, without a home.

The man, who works with the Fletcher Fire Department and did not want to be identified by name, watched his home go up in flames Thursday morning.

When crews from four fire department arrived at the home on North Drive, flames could be seen coming from the roof. The family was not home when the fire started, so they were not hurt, but two dogs who were inside did not survive.

At this point, the fire marshal has not determined what started the fire. Most of the flames appeared to come from the garage and then spread throughout the attic. Unfortunately, the home, which has been a part of the family for years, is a total loss. But this fire was personal for all of those who were on the scene.

Smoke was billowing in the sky as multiple fire crews rushed to the fire, but the Fletcher Fire Department had no idea it was the home of a fellow firefighter.

"It became that much more emotional, that more personal with us. It's one our guys’ houses and we protect property, that's what we are supposed to do," said Michael Jewellson, a Fletcher firefighter.

Jewellson says this fire is a devastating loss for the entire crew.

"We've got a brother now that doesn't have a home anymore," he said.

Jewellson says they are working to make sure their brother is taken care of.

"Some of the guys are getting together. We've got houses they can stay in until they can figure things out and come back and clean up the mess," he said.

Ashleigh Hensch, Comanche County Emergency Management’s PIO, witnessed the brotherhood firsthand.

"Whenever they aren't fighting the fire, they are with him saying ‘they’re sorry, it's going to be okay,’ they are taking it just as hard as the family is," she said.

The family did not want to speak on camera, but they are picking up the pieces that are left and they are thankful for the brotherhood that supports them.

"We've got each other’s backs no matter what, whether it's fire or whether it's just walking down the street," Jewellson said.

The Red Cross is helping the family and the Fletcher Fire Department is taking monetary donations for the family. Anyone who would like to donate is asked to take it to the Fletcher City Hall.

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