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Parade crash driver facing murder charges

STILLWATER, Okla._New information about the driver involved in the deadly crash at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. A car smashed through the police line Saturday, and slammed into a crowd of spectators lining the street in Stillwater, killing four. Police arrested the driver Adacia Chambers saying the 25-year-old was under the influence. But Sunday, her attorney disputed that, and noted she along with her family was upset upon learning what happened.

"Although it was hours when I actually made it to Miss Chambers, there didn't appear to be alcohol smell on her body. Her behavior is not consistent with someone coming off a drunken stupor. In my opinion, Miss Chambers suffers from a mental illness," Tony Coleman, Chambers’ attorney, said.

Chambers is facing second degree murder charges, as well as, driving under the influence. She could appear in court as early as Monday.

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