Policy change after devil worshipper's book signing

Policy change after devil worshipper's book signing

LAWTON, Okla._In spite of the pre-event controversy surrounding a self-proclaimed satanic priest's book signing, it drew a small group of protestors Tuesday night to the public library.

Adam Daniels had described his book,"Ahrimani Enlightenment," as a how-to guide to worship the devil. A small crowd came to hear him speak. During his presentation, Daniels made the distinction that he was not a Satanist, but a devil worshipper, and described the difference.

"They want to believe in the Christian paradigm. They want to believe Satan was a fallen angel. Satan was Lucifer, I don't have time for that. I don't even acknowledge in Christians being a valid thing," Daniels said.

Daniels said he was not purposely trying to stir up controversy in an attempt to make a buck. He said he takes educating the public on his religion seriously.

"I think I've given a pretty educational lecture so far on how we operate as a church. We have over a 100 videos on how we do things explaining things," Daniels said.

Following the public outrage over the city's decision to allow Daniels to appear at the public library, Assistant City Manager Jim Russell said they've made changes to their policy.

From now on, authors who anticipate large crowds, or who are discussing controversial subject matter, may be located in another city building in order to avoid disruptions at the library.