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Man makes citizen's arrest for DUI

Joley Schulte Joley Schulte

CHICKASHA, Okla._A woman is facing DUI charges after she was seen driving on the wrong side of the road. Jared Shepperd and his family were driving on the bridge over the turnpike in Chickasha when he saw a car heading straight for them.

"It would've been something you'd have seen in like fast and the furious or something,” said Shepperd.

He threw his car in reverse and sped backwards to get away from the oncoming car. The driver quickly swerved back into her lane. Shepperd chased down Joley Schulte, and did not let her leave until police showed up.

“She could’ve killed somebody,” said Shepperd. “Even the Chickasha police officer said the same thing. He goes, 'I’m glad ya’ll turned around and stopped her, because she could’ve killed somebody.’"

Because the Chickasha police did not witness Schulte's driving they had Shepperd make a citizen’s arrest. Shepperd says that was a first for him. His wife says it is definitely like him to take action to make the world a little safer. Shepperd says he has seen his share of horrible crashes as a volunteer firefighter, which is why he was determined to get the woman off the road.

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