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No more texting and driving

LAWTON, Okla._Starting at midnight Saturday, if you are caught texting while driving on Oklahoma roadways, you could get a ticket.

The state law said it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle while composing, sending, or reading an electronic message.

That includes texting, instant messaging, sending a photo or video, and sending email.

Trooper Drake Green said in the last 10 months they have had one trooper killed and one injured because someone was texting while driving.

"We're people too and we bleed. We can get hurt. We can get killed. We just ask you for our safety and also the motoring public’s safety to not text and drive," Green said.

The city of Lawton also has an ordinance that will be enforced in municipal court.

If you get pulled over the ticket can be no more than $100.

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