A Child Who Hopes: Breana, Keyona and Taliaha

A Child Who Hopes: Breana, Keyona and Taliaha

NORMAN, Okla._We're shining a light on three very special little girls who share a bond and a wish of being adopted together.

Life is always three times the fun when 8-year-old twins Breana and Keyona and their 7-year-old sister, Taliaha, are together.

The girls were full of energy when they arrived at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman. Each of the girls has a different idea on what they'd like to see first. After compromising on a hands-on exhibit, their inquisitive personalities really began to shine.

Learning is something the girls love to do. Breana, the more reserved of the group, says math is one of favorite subjects in school.

"And social studies. Not social studies. And science," Breana said.

Meanwhile, Keyona, the talkative one of the bunch, has a list of things she likes.

"I like math. I like playing. I like to play at home. I like eating," Keyona said.

The twins say going out to eat as a family is one of their favorite things to do. If only they liked being twins as much.

"Do you like being a twin," we asked Breana.

"No, she copies what you say and she's a brat," Breana replied.

All bickering aside, the twins say they can agree on one thing, Taliaha is a certified fashionista. The 7-year-old says her perfect outfit would include black high-heeled boots.

And when they're not talking fashion, the girls say they enjoy playing and riding their bikes together.

The girls currently live with their foster mother, but pray they'll one day find a family to adopt them.

"We all love Jesus. We all love God. We pray for the lord," Keyona said.

They say their ideal family would have lots of energy and like to do fun things.

"Some nice people who like to go out to eat sometimes and who like to go shopping and who's a good family for us," Breana said.

The girls would make the perfect addition to any family.

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