Cache hopes to pass bond for school improvements

Cache hopes to pass bond for school improvements

CACHE, Okla._Cache Public Schools wants to make just over $38 million in improvements to its campuses and they'll ask voters for their help in paying for it Tuesday.

The proposals cover everything from safe rooms to new technology in the classrooms and new buses. They would be paid for with a property tax increase of about seven percent.

The ballot is split up into two proposals. The first allocates $37.17 million dollars to school expansions, safe rooms and science labs, to name a few. The second proposal is for $1.2 million and that money will go toward transportation.

More than $38 million is on the line to improve Cache schools. It's a hefty amount, but Superintendent Randy Batt says it's necessary to keep up with the increase in the student population, and their opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

"Eight years ago we had about 80 kids in band, now we have about 200. So, that will help give them more space for working and stuff," Batt said.

The proposal also calls for new auditorium in the high school, which will house an additional 100 students. There would also be a safe room in that auditorium; one of six proposed for the entire campus.

"The one at the high school will hold 600 people, the ones at the other buildings will hold about 120," Batt explained.

Focusing on the change of times and technology, they want to add three more STEM labs to the high school with a conference room for long distance learning opening up virtual opportunities around the state.

"They would take classes at Southwestern, some would take classes at Weatherford. They would sign up for it and take classes from that building…connecting with their teacher electronically," Batt explained.

It's all in effort to secure better career opportunities for future students.

"This has a lot for everybody. We hope the young parents get out and vote so those things can be ready when their kids get to school, so we need to get it passed," Batt said.

Batt says they are focusing a lot of this investment on after school programs. Other proposed items included a gym expansion so the wrestling team and cheerleaders can have a practice space, as well as a new softball field. The investment would also provide handicap-accessible playground equipment for the intermediate and primary students.

The election is Tuesday, November 10. School bond proposals must be approved by a 60 percent super-majority to pass.