Comanche Nation members protest lack of leadership

Comanche Nation members protest lack of leadership

LAWTON, Okla._A group of Comanche tribal members gathered to peacefully protest the tribe's current lack of leadership Wednesday.

Concerned members rallied outside the Comanche Tribal Complex in Lawton, hoping to pressure the Comanche Business Committee to appoint an interim tribal administrator.

The Comanche Nation has been in an impasse since the early-October suspension of Will Owens, who was the administrator at the time. Without a leader to approve tribal expenditures, a number of services and programs have come to a halt, which left some members without important aid or assistance.

Protesters are also pushing for a forensic audit, stressing the importance of transparency within the tribe.

"We've become aware of a lot of mismanagement and missing funds, and we want the chairman and CBC members to be transparent with the Comanche people," said Bobbie Saupitty, a concerned member of the Comanche Nation.

"We just bottom line need transparency. I don't care who's wrong, I don't care who's right, we just need to know what's going on. Right now we're making decisions without having all the information, and we need all the information," said a concerned Comanche Nation member.

The Comanche Business Committee will meet Saturday, and rally organizers encourage all tribal members to attend and make their voices heard.