City ditches 140 buckets of paint

City ditches 140 buckets of paint

LAWTON, Okla._ Lawton city officials say the decision to dispose of 700 unused gallons of striping paint that was paid for by city taxpayers was justified.

The paint, now stacked on dozens of pallets at the city landfill, had exceeded its shelf life, according to Lawton Assistant City Manager Jim Russell. Russell also noted that even before it expired, after acquiring a new paint striping machine this year, a bigger problem emerged.

"It causes additional issues if we try to use the old paint in the new striper, if it's not compatible cause it causes the machine to gum up which causes down time, repair time, we're not striping the streets the way that we should be, so it's better to get rid of the paint rather than try to force it through the machine," said Lawton Assistant City Manager Jim Russell.

Russell also says while the paint no longer fits their needs, it might fit someone else's. That's why instead of being thrown out, they left it accessible to the public to be re-purposed.

"Some of these parking lot companies that hand roll or you want to come out and put fresh paint in your parking areas for parking spots this would be very suitable for that so it's made available to people like that who could utilize it for better purpose," said Russell.

Russell says the paint is free and is stacked along with other cans of unwanted paint dropped off by residents. The public is welcome to pick through it after first checking in with the on-site office.