Diabetes treatment options changing

Diabetes treatment options changing

DUNCAN, Okla._November is Diabetes Awareness Month and Duncan Regional Hospital is working to make more people aware of the disease that 13 percent of Stephens County lives with.

Diabetes education coordinator Teresa Foster says the biggest problem is getting people to comply with diabetes treatments. Over the years, treatments for diabetes has evolved from injecting insulin to using a device that allows diabetics to inhale insulin. Foster says even newer treatments are currently being developed by pharmaceutical and bio engineering companies.

"If we can give them a treatment that's easier to take, you don't have to stick yourself or don't have to do it on time basis…people have busy lives, we will see more compliance and see the health of those people get better," Foster said.

Foster says watching our eating habits and exercising will help prevent the early onset of Type 2 diabetes, along with other things such as heart disease.

On the first Thursday of each month, Duncan Regional Hospital hosts free support group meetings at the learning center where they discuss how to manage your diabetes.