Lawton police investigate homicide

LAWTON, Okla._A homicide investigation now underway in Lawton after a driver went through a Fort Sill border fence and was found shot dead behind the wheel.

Emergency responders were called to Northwest 40th Street and Rogers Lane after witnesses saw the victim's car cross the center median on Rogers Lane before crashing.

Before they could reach 26-year-old Josh Whitehead, first responders had to pry open the jammed doors of the car. Despite their efforts, there was nothing they could do to save his life. Now, the search is on for the shooter.

Police say Whitehead was already dead inside the car and was bleeding out from his abdomen. And while no arrests have been made, police did find where the shot went through the driver's door before hitting him.

"I woke up dead early in the morning and I hear two pops going on outside and my first thought is where's my kid," said Ally Garnes, a resident who heard the shots.

Garnes lives on Northwest 40th Street and Ozmun Avenue, along with a few of her family members. She says she witnessed everything from hearing the shooting to seeing the investigation.

"My sister-in-law calls and she tells me 'there is crime scene tape outside your house' and I'm like 'what?' And then my other sister-in-law, because we all live on this street, she comes down and starts banging on our door like 'are you guys ok, are you guys okay?' We are like 'what happened?' There is crime scene tape everywhere and evidence markers by my car," Garnes said.

Captain Craig Akard says there were multiple eye witnesses and police hope they will be able to help them piece together what happened.

"There were a few witnesses there around the 40th and Ozmun area that actually saw the car go northbound from Ozmun on 40th street and saw the vehicle jump the center median and end up on the other side on the north side of Rogers Lane," Capt. Akard said.

Garnes says detectives were outside her door until about 8:00 a.m. and that she hopes she never experiences something like this again.

"It's just so sad that people result to this kind of violence," Garnes said.

Multiple shell casing were also recovered nearby at Northwest 40th Street and Ozmun Avenue where police believe the shooting took place.

Police are also investigating four other crimes that happened around the same time. No arrests have been made yet.