Community comes together to help family rebuild after storm

Community comes together to help family rebuild after storm

RYAN, Okla._The community of Ryan, near the Red River in Jefferson County, is coming together to help a family rebuild after their home was severely damaged by straight-line winds.

Thursday's storms, which packed 60-to-70 mile per hour winds, proved too much for the family's home, peeling back the roof and toppling over a barn. The family says their focus now is to rebuild on the same land.

While the storm left most of the town intact, it was not the case for one family. The barn will have to be rebuilt and the home repaired. And while the family says they've suffered a devastating loss, they are grateful for an outpouring of support. Some neighbors have been right out there with them.

Dennis Allred spent years building the home that is now left without a roof. He says it was torn away in just a matter of minutes.

"When I saw what happened here, I just started crying, you know? I've been crying ever since. Me and my wife both, we just look at each other and just start crying. It's just…you just can't help it," Allred said.

Allred wasn't at home when the storm hit, but his daughter-in-law was and she was able to make out of the home, and storm, safely. He says after getting over the initial shock, they were able to survey the damaged and were relieved they didn't lose more.

"That we didn't actually lose all of our material things on the inside of the house. We just lost the roof over our heads," Allred said.

The family, with help from the community, spent Thursday and Friday cleaning up their land and collecting the debris that spread across Highway 81. Allred says he is thankful the community came to help when his family needed it the most.

"We got a lot of good neighbors. We really realized it yesterday and everybody came in and helped us. We knew that yesterday that we could depend on the community, because they was here for us," Allred said.

The Allred family says they are thankful no one was hurt during the storm and now their focus is to start rebuilding on the land they fell in love with.

The family says they will be out on their land all weekend and welcome anyone willing to help them with the cleanup and debris removal.