Elgin animal shelter holds first public adoption event

Elgin animal shelter holds first public adoption event

ELGIN, Okla._Elgin's animal shelter celebrated a milestone over the weekend with their first public adoption event since an investigation shut down the operation for several months earlier this year.

The probe was sparked following the death of a dog in the shelter's care. No criminal wrongdoing was discovered, but it did prompt an upgrade of the shelter's facility and some changes in their procedures.

Councilman Jeff Snow, who is overseeing the shelter, says their focus is on getting the animals adopted out, as well as implementing a few changes to get the shelter back on track.

The shelter enlisted the help of volunteers to get the word out for the adoption event by posting to social media and supplying information to City Hall, so that it is easily accessible to the public.

"We are letting the individuals who have a passion for the animals to step up and hold events like that and we will back them on it we want the animals to be adopted out," Councilman Snow said.

The goal for the shelter is to continue to have adoptions so it remains how it looks right now, half empty. Once the shelter gets full, some of the animals will have to be put down.

"We want to be known as a low-kill, not a no-kill, because there are times we are going to have to do something with them if it gets overcrowded and we can't move them," Councilman Snow said.

So far, the adoption rate has been pretty high

"We have adopted out, I believe it was, nine pups and a mother on Saturday, she went to Tulsa. We had four other adults that were adopted on Saturday. We have another one that goes today, it's going to go to Oklahoma City to a dachshund rescue," Councilman Snow explained.

Keeping the shelter maintained for the animals is also a priority, and they have added a few improvements along the way.

"We've had it refurbished, we painted the inside and out with epoxy paint so if there are any messes, we can power wash it and make it all clean," Councilman Snow explained.

They are also paying attention to the safety of the animals, so that no one can get in or out.

"They had chain link fences, which was easily chewed through by many of the dogs, so they were able to escape. And someone could come up and unlock it at any time, now we have cattle panels and steel solid panels," Councilman Snow said.

If you are interested in adopting an animal from the shelter, you can drop by Elgin City Hall. There, they can give you information on the ones available or you can go to petfinder.com and type in Elgin's zip code.