CCMH goes green in support of veterans

CCMH goes green in support of veterans

LAWTON, Okla._Comanche County Memorial Hospital wants to honor all veterans who have made the hospital what it is today.

CCMH was created in 1948 with funding from the Hill-Burton Program, which was a program founded to help modernize hospitals after the Great Depression and World War II. The "memorial" in the hospital's name is just that, a memorial to those who have fought and continue to fight for our country.

In honor of Veterans Day, Comanche County Memorial Hospital is participating in a national campaign called 'Greenlight A Vet.' The campaign encourages people to change out their light bulbs with green light bulbs to show their support for our nation's veterans.

"I'm really proud because we have a long heritage of serving active duty military as well as veterans, so we think it's a great way for us to show our appreciation to them and we encourage everybody to be a part of that and put on a green light for your veterans," said Randy Segler, CCMH CEO.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital is proud not only to serve veterans, but to have many of them working in the hospital. Dr. Michael Sawyer spent 12 years in the Army as a surgeon before ending up in Lawton.

"I think Veterans Day is a very important day to commemorate not only those who are actively serving, but those who have served in the past through the history of this country to defend their freedoms," Dr. Sawyer said.

For Dr. Sawyer, Veterans Day is important because not only did he serve his country, so did family members from both sides going back many generations.

"Without military, we wouldn't have a country, to a certain extent. It's not initially the greatest thing to have to say, but if we just realize, to use a corny term, 'freedom doesn't come free,' unless there are people willing to take the mantel to keep that going we might not have it," Dr. Sawyer said.

Segler says they have a lot of veterans who work for the hospital, and they couldn't do it without all of their hard work and dedication.

"That's a big part of our work force here and we are proud of them. We just hope that everybody takes a moment to pause and thank them for all they have done for years for our country," Segler said.