Sheriff's department helps Geronimo family after bonfire accident

Sheriff's department helps Geronimo family after bonfire accident

GERONIMO, Okla._The Comanche County Sheriff's Department is pulling together to help the family of a boy from Geronimo who was badly burned in an accident at a family bonfire last Sunday.

The 11-year-old boy suffered burns to more than 60 percent of his body, and is recovering in an Oklahoma City hospital.

Sheriff Kenny Stradley says a gas can filled with gasoline was simply sitting too close to the fire, and it exploded. A family member quickly put out the fire. He said the accident hit home for a couple of his deputies who know the family personally, so they're trying to help them with the financial side of things because it could be a long recovery.

"He had surgery on one leg and will possibly have to have surgery on the other leg. From what I understand, they are grafting skin to put on that leg," Sheriff Stradley said.

Grafting is not only a painful procedure, but an expensive one, which is why the sheriff's department is stepping up to help.

"I have a couple of deputies that are all close to the family and they're are trying to help. One of them called me and said they are trying to get some stuff together to take up there," Sheriff Stradley said.

The hospital stay is hard on the boy, and his family.

"When you have a loved one that is in the hospital, it's tough on the loved one that's in there of course, and then those that are with them. It cost them to be able to eat out and then they have bills at home," Sheriff Stradley said. "Whatever anyone can help do to help them with their bills would be a great tribute to help a young man."

The deputies and the boy's family are working to create a bank account so the community can donate.

"If you have a little bit, try to pass it on and help this family, because you heaven forbid, but it could be you someday," Sheriff Stradley said.

The young boy has a lot of procedures ahead of him. The sheriff's department has not yet set up the banking location for the account that will help pay for those surgeries. We'll let you know once they have an account set up.