Concerns voiced at block party

Concerns voiced at block party

LAWTON, Okla._Dozens came out to a  block party in South Lawton Saturday afternoon to voice their questions and concerns over their neighborhood.

The Comanche County Health Department and other organizations were on hand to discuss various topics with residents. Representatives discussed safety, education, and the stability of area buildings.

City council woman Gay McGahee says it is very important for citizens in the Patterson community to bring awareness to any issues plaguing the neighborhood.

"One of the concerns that has been voiced is about safety and that one we may be able to get more lighting in the community. I know we are going to try to do a community garden that's very important so that we can gather the people and also maybe even get speed it is very dangerous down on Carver Street so maybe speed tables down there to keep traffic from driving so fast through that area," said McGahee.

Lillie Williams has been living in the neighborhood since 1952 and says its lack of upkeep has created an eyesore. She says what's worse, over the years, people have started to make improvements, but never saw them through.

"We have had projects come here they have started never finished up. They started a walking trail right here and they never have come back to finish it up," said Williams.

City officials say they have taken note of the concerns voiced by citizens at Saturday's block party and intend to address them in next week's council meeting.