Church gives out turkeys to Patterson-Carver residents

Church gives out turkeys to Patterson-Carver residents

LAWTON, Okla._Members of the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in central Lawton spent their Saturday afternoon giving turkeys away to their community. They loaded up the trucks with coolers full of donated turkeys, and drove down the streets of the Patterson-Carver neighborhood with the volunteers in the bed of the truck. They were ready to hop out and give the turkeys to community members.

Billy and Lisa Stearns just moved to the neighborhood and say they are grateful for the church's donation.

"It's just amazing you know," Billy said. "They're out there doing the things that nobody else wants to do and doing it for a good reason, and doing it just because of the goodness of their heart."

"Everyone know that's what thanksgiving is about, being blessed," Lisa said.

Pastor Michael Logan says his church has been serving the Patterson-Carver community for years, but this is the first year they have done a turkey giveaway.

He says this is just one more way to help others.

"It's all about love," Logan said. "We decided we would put it more into action during this season. We have done a lot of projects this year so this is just another project that God as allowed us to do."

The church's focus this year has been to help the Patterson-Carver community. Last week they had a block party so neighbors can connect with other neighbors in the area.