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3 arrested after off-duty officer finds his stolen property

Brandon York Brandon York
Roy White Roy White

LAWTON, Okla._Three people were arrested Tuesday evening after an off-duty officer spotted stolen items that had been taken from his rental property the day before.

A lieutenant with the Lawton Police Department reported his vacant rental property was burglarized between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. The front door was forced in and a couch, stove, tools and other various items were taken from the home on the 1300 block of Northwest Andrews Avenue.

Tuesday morning, the lieutenant drove through the neighborhood and spotted his tub and sheetrock tools in the front yard of a home two streets away from his rental property.

When an on-duty officer arrived, a man was standing by the tub and tools. He, Roy White, saw the officer and started to run. White made it to the 1300 block of Northwest Williams Avenue by running through yards and jumping over fences. The officer caught up to him and then continued to chase him to the 1300 block of Northwest Lincoln. White laid down and was arrested for resisting officers and drug paraphernalia; a glass methamphetamine pipe was found in his pocket.

Back at the home where the tub and tools were found, police knocked on the door and spoke to the home owner. As Brandon York opened the door, the lieutenant saw his stolen couch in the living room. York told police he thought the couch might have been stolen. He was arrested for possession of stolen property.

A woman in the home was arrested on a city warrant.

Police went to the home next door and found a stolen belt sander in one of the bedrooms. No one was arrested at the location.

It’s unknown who broke into the rental home and took the items to begin with.

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